The Best Plantar Fasciitis Medical Devices

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Plantar Fasciitis Medical Devices

Learn about plantar fasciitis medical devices for therapy: Orthotics, Theraband foot roller, and more. Ease the heel pain and be on your feet again.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis Medical Devices

Millions of people worldwide suffer from plantar fasciitis, a widespread problem that results in heel pain and discomfort. It affects the foot where the plantar fascia is. A ligament on the bottom of the heel becomes strained. Plantar fascia is a thick, web-like tissue connecting the heel with the front of the foot. When this tissue is inflamed, it causes plantar fasciitis.

Some plantar fasciitis medical devices can help manage pain. However, we must first understand its causes and symptoms.


Plantar fasciitis can be caused by some factors, such as:

  • Firstly, being overweight can be the cause of plantar fasciitis.
  • In addition, wearing poor footwear can be the reason for plantar fasciitis.
  • Meanwhile, long-distance running is also the cause of plantar fasciitis.
  • Similarly, occupations that require standing for long periods.


The symptoms of plantar fasciitis can evolve steadily over time. However, they can develop suddenly in some cases because of excessive physical activity. Also, the harshness of symptoms can vary from person to person.

Plantar fasciitis medical devices can work effectively during the early identification of symptoms.

Identifying the symptoms at an early stage will always be beneficial. So here are some symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

  • It is the most common symptom of plantar fasciitis. You feel pain on the bottom of your foot near the heel. This pain can feel a sharp or stabbing sensation.
  • Similarly, there is another symptom. A person feels discomfort in the foot after getting out of bed in the morning. It can also happen after a long rest. Then, after some minutes of walking, this pain starts to reduce.
  • Feeling pain while climbing the stairs is also a symptom.
  • After touching the affected area or heels, you will feel tenderness.
  • Another common thing is feeling stiffness in the foot, especially after a long period of sitting.

Plantar Fasciitis Medical Devices:

As we can see, many new technologies or devices are introduced daily for every medical treatment. There are also some medical devices or tools that can help patients suffering from plantar fasciitis. So, we will study some of these tools, their types, benefits, and how we can remove foot pain by using these devices. Here are some plantar fasciitis medical devices to cure plantar fasciitis.


Suppose a patient has a problem with excess subtalar joints. Excess subtalar joints can affect the plantar fascia by placing a force on it and causing inflammation. This can cause heel pain and the development of bone spurs. While walking, if the foot cannot dorsiflex at the ankle because of tight calf muscles. Then, it can increase plantar fascia pain. Orthotics can be very helpful in this situation. They can help hold the subtalar joints in a neutral position to reduce the pain.

Orthotics are designed to support the arch of the foot and distribute pressure. There are three types.

  1. Heel orthotics
  2. Vasyli + McPoil tissue stress relief orthotics
  3. Vasyli + Hoke supination control orthotics

TheraBand foot roller:

This is a small cylindrical type of device made up of foam or rubber. Theraband foot roller is a plantar fasciitis medical device. With this, you can massage the bottom of the foot, especially your plantar fascia. Firstly, you must keep the foot roller in a freezer to get soothing relief. :-Then, we have to follow some steps to get relief from pain.

  • The first step is to sit down and place this roller under the feet.
  • Now, start rolling this roller gently on your feet for two minutes.
  • Now, it’s time to push harder with your foot while rolling for two minutes more.

TheraBand resistance band:

TheraBand resistance band

Another plantar fasciitis medical device is the TheraBand resistance band. This tool is a flexible elastic band made up of rubber or latex. So it can resist being stretched. It is a popular tool for strength training, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Here is the exercise for using a Theraband resistance band to remove pain.

  1. First, sit down and place your foot on the band.
  2. Hold the band to the objects, like the door handle, at your ankle height.
  3. Make a loop with the band around the ball of your foot.
  4. Now, hold the band and gently pull your toe back towards the shin. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. 

Theraband roller massager:

Theraband roller massager

It is another plantar fasciitis medical device. It is a cylindrical foam roller with a rigid surface specially designed to apply pressure. Suppose the patient has a calf issue. The Theraband roller massager can help them with this situation.

The patient’s first step is to lie down on the table while keeping the knees bent. Then, the massager is rolled up and down the calf muscle. This can help mobilize the largest muscle of the calf, known as the gastrocnemius. The patient can easily use this roller at home.

Theraband kinesiology tape:

It is an elastic type. Patients can use this tape to support and stabilize muscles and joints. You can also use this to relieve pain. This tape is commonly used for plantar fasciitis, foot and ankle support, heel pain, etc.

Use this tape by following these steps.

  1. Cut the tape longer and shorter. Two pieces for longer and two for shorter and their edges.
  2. Now, stick one end of the tape on the base of the heel.
  3. Place the tap around the heel with little tension.
  4. Place this tape across the bottom of the foot while securing the other end.
  5. Now, do this same procedure for the second foot.


Plantar fasciitis medical devices entail treatment and management. They focus on easing the pains associated with this ailment. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night. These orthotics can effectively relieve your pain and return your normal life to normal.

The available possibilities can be studied after consulting a healthcare provider. People can take the first step towards eliminating pain by choosing the right device. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that does not go away quickly. By using plantar fasciitis medical devices, you can relieve your pain.

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