Top 5 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia Relief

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Top 5 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia Relief

Learn about the best shoes for metatarsalgia healing. Discover which kind of shoe you need if you want your feet to be less painful and healthy.

What is Metatarsalgia?

shoes for metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia, also known as pain in the ball of the foot, describes discomfort in the metatarsal region of the foot, specifically the section just before the toes, often referred to as the foot’s ‘toe bulb’. This condition involves the bones and joints at the base of the foot, underlying the ball of the foot.

Metatarsalgia causes pain associated with the metatarsal head or the ball of the foot. Typically, the symptoms manifest under the second, third, and fourth metatarsal heads, and sometimes at the base of the first metatarsal near the big toe.

Signs and symptoms:

  • The location of the pain is the first metatarsal head on the lateral side.
  • Pain, often described as a throbbing and aching sensation or a bruise, usually worsens when walking on feet with bare soles on hard surfaces like concrete or ceramic tile.
  • Additionally, if one curls the toes and pushes downward at the joints on the eminence, the pain may be reproduced at a single metatarsal head.
  • Consequently, the pain results in the person shifting his or her weight to the side to avoid pressure on the balls of the feet.
  • Moreover, the pain is less intense when wearing proper shoes, especially those with foam cushioning on the forefoot.

Key features to look for in Shoes for Metatarsalgia:

  • Cushioning: Adequate cushioning in the forefoot area to absorb shock.
  • Arch Support: Proper arch support to distribute pressure evenly across the foot.
  • Wide Toe Box: Extra room in the toe area to prevent compression and allow natural toe movement.
  • Low Heel: A low or flat heel to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Flexibility: Flexible soles to ensure natural foot movement without strain.

Best shoes for metatarsalgia:

1. Brooks Ghost 14:

One of the best shoes for metatarsalgia is the Brooks Ghost 14. These popular men’s shoes are made in the USA and are known for their comfort, flexible cushioning, and responsiveness, intended for running enthusiasts and people with foot problems. They are machine washable, with a sole and outer material made of rubber. Its features include:

BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft Cushioning:

These technologies combine to provide balanced and soft cushioning without compromising on bounce and sturdiness.

Segmented Crash Pad:

The integration of these shock absorbers provides smooth movement through the stretching between the heels and toes.

3D Fit Print Upper:

This provides a comfortable but not too tightly fitted feel, conforming well to the natural shape of the foot.

Smooth sneakers:

Brooks Ghost 14 can elevate your running experience. It offers smooth running with a form-fitting interior that helps keep your feet secure.


These shoes have a lace-up closure to ensure a secure and precise fit.


  • Firstly, protective padding for impact absorption was also very good.
  • Moreover, transitions make the body move smoothly and easily.
  • Additionally, it is lightweight and breathable.


  • However, higher price points.
  • Furthermore, the only drawback is that some sizes are available in limited colors.

2. New Balance 990V5:

Another best shoe for metatarsalgia is the New Balance 990V5. It is an ideal shoe for people who need extra support because of metatarsalgia. They are also made in the USA. They are the best running shoes for metatarsalgia. The features of this shoe are:

ENCAP Midsole Technology:

This shoe uses ENCAP Midsole technology to make it more durable and provide superior support.

Dual-density foam collar:

This ankle brace has a dual-density foam collar to protect your ankle. It provides support and comfort.


They are made up of durable blown rubber to give durability to shoes.


They are machine-washable shoes. So you can wash them easily.


  • To begin with, it provides excellent support and stability. It is imperative for people experiencing foot pain.
  • Meanwhile, they are durable.
  • Similarly, these shoes come in various widths to accommodate different foot shapes.


  • Sadly, it is a little bit heavier than other running shoes. Hence, it might affect performance.
  • Therefore, it is somewhat expensive in terms of price.

3. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23:

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 is a very soft, durable, and comfortable shoe. It is a good shoe for metatarsalgia because of its design. Its advanced cushioning is beneficial for those who are suffering from metatarsalgia. The features of ASIC Gel-Nimbus 23 are:

FlyteFoam Propel Technology:

This technology is used in ASICS to give supreme bounce and responsive ride.

Gel Technology Cushioning:

ASICS uses gel technology to provide excellent cushioning. It provides excellent cushioning to both the rear foot and forefoot.

Trusstic System Technology:

This helps in reducing the weight of the sole.


  • First of all, this shoe has a breathable and comfortable upper.
  • The sole of this shoe is mainly lightweight.
  • Indeed, it provides excellent cushioning to both the rear foot and forefoot.


  • Unfortunately, the flexibility is less than that of some models.
  • Yet, it necessitates a break-in period, which might not be advisable for some people.

4. Brooks Addiction Walker 2:

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is the best walking shoe for metatarsalgia, considered the top choice for customers with metatarsalgia. Its features cater to the specific needs of such customers:

Maximum Support:

The PDRB supports your entire body and keeps it in its natural path of motion. PDRB stands for Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar.

Slip Resistant:

For a secure grip, they use an innovative outsole.  


Its upper is made up of full-grain leather. That makes these shoes more comfortable and durable.

BioMoGo DNA:

They use BioMoGo DNA to give their customers comfortable cushioning.


  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • But also use slip-resistant technology.
  • Indeed, it has durability.


  • Eventually, it is expensive.
  • Regrettably, it is less stylish than other shoes.

5. Saucony Echelon 8:

Saucony Echelon 8 is another excellent choice for metatarsalgia, designed for those who need extra room. It provides comfort and support for people with metatarsalgia. The features include:

Wide platform:

It has wide room for your foot to increase stability.


You can use this shoe on the road and tracks.

Sole material:

The sole of this shoe is made up of rubber.


  • To start with, it also provides comfortable cushioning for perfect shock absorption.
  • Next, it gives extra room for your foot.
  • Then, you can wash it easily in a machine.


  • Despite this, style choices are limited.
  • Notably, it might feel somewhat rigid. Also, wearing the shoes takes a little while to ‘break them in’.


In conclusion, choosing the best shoes for metatarsalgia is crucial. The right shoes can significantly reduce foot pain and fatigue. Using the best materials to provide long-lasting cushioning, close support, and a proper fit can greatly minimize this condition.

Some of the best footwear brands available in the market, including Brooks, New Balance, ASICS, and Saucony, offer suitable anatomic and pronation shoes for people with metatarsalgia. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each shoe, you can make an informed decision to eliminate pain and take a significant step towards a pain-free life.

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